Low Back Pain: Definition, Causes, Prevention & Treatment.

(Versione Italiana: https://spark.adobe.com/page/mt7msWTQh1tuB/) What is Low Back Pain? Low Back Pain (LBP) is a very common issue involving the lower back (lumbar region) that can sometimes extend to the leg (a.k.a. sciatica). Low Back Pain is one of the main reasons why people go see a doctor: it has, indeed, been estimated that 80% of … More Low Back Pain: Definition, Causes, Prevention & Treatment.

What is a “Physiotherapist”?

(Versione Italiana: sotto) A Physiotherapist (also known as Physical Therapist) is a healthcare provider who helps people maximize their movement, functional ability and quality of life. Physiotherapists can work autonomously, or in collaboration with other health care professionals, performing interventions related to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the areas of motor skills, superior cortical functions, … More What is a “Physiotherapist”?