“Kyphotic” Posture

(Versione 🇮🇹 Italiana sotto 👇) KYPHOTIC POSTURE Kyphotic Posture The “Kyphotic“posture (a.k.a. Hunched or Rounded Back) is characterized by an excessively rounded forward back, so that the thoracic spine looks like the letter “C“. The Kyphotic posture can be caused by common daily activities, such as the prolonged use of the computer or smartphone, or … More “Kyphotic” Posture

“Sway Back” Posture

(Versione 🇮🇹 Italiana sotto 👇) SWAY BACK POSTURE Sway Back Posture The “Sway Back” posture is characterized by: forward head, a long kyphosis extending from the thoracic to the lumbar region, sunken chest, rounded shoulders and pelvis tilted backward. The pelvis is also shifted forwards, compensated by the backwards shift of the upper trunk. The … More “Sway Back” Posture

How to fix: Hyperlordotic Posture (a.k.a. Instagram Booty posture)

(Versione 🇮🇹 Italiana sotto 👇) HYPERLORDOTIC POSTURE Hyperlordotic Posture (a.k.a. “Instagram Booty” posture) The hyperlordotic posture is characterized by an excessive lumbar lordosis, which means that the lower back curvature is exaggerated. This increase in the lumbar lordosis is resulting from an anteriorly tilted pelvis which is caused by: Short, tight: ⁃ Lower Back Extensors … More How to fix: Hyperlordotic Posture (a.k.a. Instagram Booty posture)

What is a “Physiotherapist”?

(Versione Italiana: sotto) A Physiotherapist (also known as Physical Therapist) is a healthcare provider who helps people maximize their movement, functional ability and quality of life. Physiotherapists can work autonomously, or in collaboration with other health care professionals, performing interventions related to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the areas of motor skills, superior cortical functions, … More What is a “Physiotherapist”?

Meet Elisabetta Brigo (a.k.a. the creator of THE PHYSIO FORMULA)

(Versione Italiana sotto) Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to THE PHYSIO FORMULA! My name is Elisabetta and I am a young (yet very passionate!) Physiotherapist. Yes, that is me in the picture, right after finally getting the title I have worked so hard for. I have been thinking a lot about starting a … More Meet Elisabetta Brigo (a.k.a. the creator of THE PHYSIO FORMULA)